Naughty Or Nice: How To Keep Your Cardiff Home Safe This Christmas

Christmas time is a time where you want your family to feel safe.  Even in Cardiff your home might be at risk during the holiday season.  We have come together with some tips to help make your home safe during the holiday season.  Keep reading to keep your home safe.

Be Home For Packages

Christmas is the biggest time for package theft.  Thieves follow delivery trucks around and watch the delivery people go up to the door.  If the door isn’t answered and the package is left, they take it.  Being at home to sign for packages helps to ensure that they get delivered and not stolen.  Another option is to schedule your deliveries for when you know you will be home.  Most package companies allow you to delay delivery or redirect the package so that they don’t get stolen.

Get Security Cameras

Getting security cameras for your home help to ensure that you are protected against potential burglars.  A Cardiff burglar who sees security cameras will be deterred by that alone.  You can also have a monitoring service which will watch the cameras when motion is detected and then call the authorities if it appears that there is a problem with your house.  If you don’t want to pay a monitoring service, you can get cameras that notify you over the internet if they detect movement.

Properly Position Your Christmas Tree

When burglars case a house they are looking for items that are easily visible so they can tell how much they will potentially make away with.  As such, if they see a Christmas tree with gifts under it through the window of your Cardiff home, they will be enticed into breaking into your house.  To make your house less enticing try to place your Christmas tree where it can’t be seen from the windows.  At the very least it should be away from the front windows of your house.  A criminal is less likely to case a secure backyard so your tree should be safe near those windows.

Keep Your Normal Voicemail

If you go out of town for the Christmas holiday the last thing that you want to do is change your voicemail message to say you are away.  It isn’t too hard for a potential burglar to get ahold of your phone number and hear that voice message.  Once they hear the voice message they will know that you are out of town and there will be no one left to protect your home.

Don’t Post Vacation Notices On Facebook

Whenever you leave Cardiff to go on holiday you should avoid posting on Facebook that you will be out of town.  In the digital age, many burglars have taken to Facebook to see whether people will be home or not.  If you have publically posted that you are going out of town, they will know that your house will be unprotected.  Should you want to post about your vacation, wait until you are home.  This will allow you to share the experience while not having to worry about the safety and security of your home.

Sign Up For A Security Service

One of the ways to make sure that your Cardiff home is protected this holiday is to sign up for a security patrol service, a local Locksmith in Cardiff will be able to advise you about this.  These services drive by your home multiple times every night and make sure that it is safe.  They will also respond to alarm activations at your house or calls to the service.  This means that there is an extra set of eyes keeping you safe.  The visibility of such services also acts as a deterrent for potential thieves.

Secure Your Doors

It is important that your doors and windows on your house be secured.  That means having quality locks and materials.  For example, a door should be heavy duty so that it can’t be easily kicked in.  There are multiple different styles of doors that won’t be broken easily, such as a lead core door.

If you secure your home for the holiday season you make it easy to enjoy the season.  You will be worry free and safe all at the same time.  Let us know your tips for keeping the house safe in the comments down below.