Cardiff Home Security Improvements That Are Not As Effective As They Seem

In Cardiff there are a lot of home security improvements that you can add to your house. From cameras to alarms and everywhere in between the options are available. But have you ever stopped to consider how effective home security improvements are? Here are some security improvements that aren’t as effective as you would think.

Picket Signs

There are a lot of people that are under the impression that if you have a picket sign in your yard that advertises your house is protected, then you will be safe. This is not true. A picket sign or a window sticker from a Cardiff locksmith will help to deter potential criminals but they will not fully protect you.

At one point in time these signs were incredible deterrents but now that you can buy ADT and other security signs from eBay and other online sellers they have become much less effective. A picket sign works best when combined with an actual alarm.

DIY Home Security Alarms

Your average home security system from a contracted company has a cellphone chip in it. This allows your alarm to call out when someone breaks in. That means that the authorities are actually notified when you have an emergency or someone is breaking into your house. Unfortunately, most DIY alarms do not come with this handy feature.

A DIY home security alarm typically only makes a noise. While an audible alarm might scare some burglars off, it won’t scare a professional away. A professional will know that they have a certain amount of time before the authorities arrive and they often also know the difference in tones of alarms.

While A DIY home security alarm can be effective, they are not as effective as most people would think.

Common Hiding Places

Hiding your valuables in common hiding places is not as safe as they appear. For example, a lot of people think that if they hide things under their mattress that they will be safe. Some other common hiding places are under the bed, behind books, behind the toilet, in a cookie jar.

Many common hiding places feel as if they are safe because they are out of sight. However, many people have thought of these places before and you will have to get more creative or opt for a safer option. Storing valuables at home in a safe or locking area are the best options.

Untested Lock-boxes

A standard lock-box that you buy for only a small amount of money is not as secure as it seems. These lock-boxes may appear flush but they can easily be pried open. Criminals have also discovered that if you drop standard lock-boxes from a height, they will break open.

If you can’t keep these lock-boxes closed with a reasonable amount of assurance, they do not serve their purpose. They may deter an unmotivated burglar but anyone who is serious about stealing your stuff will take it or open it at your Cardiff home.

Automated Lights

A lot of people have implemented automated or timed lights in their houses to give off the impression that their houses are occupied and they are awake at night. The problem is that not all burglaries happen at night. In fact, a fair amount happens during the day time.

Burglars also case houses and neighbourhoods. That means that they show up before a break in and take notes on whose lights come on at the same time, who is home, and when people leave. Automated lights will deter a spur of the moment burglary, though.

Stopping Your Mail

When people go out of town, they tend to stop their mail thinking that it will prevent people from knowing that they are out of town. Professional burglars case your house though and they will notice when the mailman does not stop at your house but stops at all of the ones around yours. From this they will notice that you don’t come home, aren’t getting mail, and the lights are off. Stopping your mail is most effective at preventing your mail from getting stolen.

If you want to be serious about your home security in Cardiff you need to start thinking about professional solutions. While some aspects of home security come from these not so effective ideas, it takes multiple strategies to protect your person and property.